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Peddling Lies In TSB

Following the announcement of branch closures last year, staff in those branches that were due to close had the option to ask to be redeployed into another branch, subject to a role being available. Some Local Banker As and Cs also had the option to register for...

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Pay Misery For TSB Staff

To put TSB’s 2020 pay proposals into perspective, members should read the next sentence carefully. Compensation for key management personnel in TSB, which is the Board and Executive Committee, increased by 3,149.2% between 2018 and 2019. No, we haven’t got that figure...

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Pay 2020

The bank will shortly announce its pay proposals. Given that TSB staff have seen their pay decline relative to other financial services organisations over the last few years and the lack of progression for staff, we are demanding an inflation busting pay...

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The Future Of Keypoint & Barnwood

Well, it was a non-denial, denial.According to press reports at the weekend, TSB said that: “It had no plans to close either Keypoint or Barnwood”. Members will appreciate that’s very different from saying: “TSB will not be closing either Keypoint or Barnwood”. TSB...

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Pay & Engagement In TSB

Is it any wonder that 66% of TSB staff don’t believe that they are paid fairly for the work they do when over the last 2 years they have been on the receiving end of the worst pay deals in the finance sector. And, according to the latest engagement survey results,...

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