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Pulling up the Ladder in TSB

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TSB Branch Closure & Job Losses – Phase 1

The irony of TSB’s announcement yesterday of 82 branch closures and 400 redundancies will not be lost on staff coming just a few days after another major IT meltdown which saw the bank telling customers to visit branches to get emergency money. When another IT...

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In TSB We Trust?

TSB is trying to get all of the bad news out of the way before Debbie Crosbie, Chief Executive Officer, takes to the stage at the Landmark Hotel on Monday to announce her new strategy. We’ll be listening with bated breath, albeit not on the front row. Earlier in the...

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£25 Million For The Slaughter and May Report

Following the union’s threat of legal action, TSB has confirmed that it will publish the Slaughter and May report into last year’s IT meltdown in the next few weeks.Members will recall we wrote to Sabadell’s Company Secretary saying: “Shareholders are entitled to see...

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TSB’s Night Of The Long Knives

Two of TSB’s longest serving directors - John Bradford and Andy Armitage – are going, albeit they’ve been given non-jobs to do for a few months before leaving, as Robin Bulloch seeks to assert control over TSB’s branch network. We also understand from members that at...

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TSB’s Scramble To Find £100 Million Savings

If changing to the new pension scheme was such a good idea why did TSB not do it last year or the year before that? The simple answer is TSB is desperately looking to save money and the pension scheme is the first casualty of that war on costs. And it won’t be the...

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