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“Life Made More … Difficult”?

In an honest answer to a straightforward question – something we don’t see enough of these days – Robin Bulloch, Director of Retail Banking, confirmed what we’ve been saying for a long-time, that the number of staff in TSB branches is going be steadily reduced. He...

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Track & Trace In TSB

We understand that a member of staff on the 4th Floor in Ariel House, Sheldon tested positive for Covid-19 last week. We all hope that the member of staff makes a speedy recovery and is getting the necessary support. However, what’s worrying staff in Ariel House is...

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Take Time To Decide What’s Best For You

In response to a question from a member of staff on whether LBAs could trial the LBB role, TSB has said: “Following the successful completion of their training programme we’ll give Partners a four-week trial period to allow Partners to test whether the role is for...

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No Going Back For TSB – The New Reality

Crisis can be an opportunity for change. Our survey results show that TSB should embrace that change when it comes to the future of home working post Covid-19. As this crisis scythes through the economy, many organisations will be looking to save costs. If having...

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Don’t Be Forced To Go Now

The two consecutive quarters of decline caused by the Covid-19 lockdown pushed the UK officially into recession. The economy shrank 20.4% between April and June compared with the first three months of the year. To be blunt, now is not the time for LBAs to be looking...

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Cashiers Thrown Under the Bus By TSB

It didn’t take TSB long to use the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to cut frontline jobs in a desperate bid to save money. We are on the verge of the second wave of the pandemic in some parts of the country but TSB has decided that now is the best time to throw...

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Low Hanging Fruit

It seems that following the permanent closure of a number of branches on the back of the Covid pandemic, some area directors and line mangers are approaching staff with ‘redundancy’ offers. The offers we have seen are not based on the redundancy terms we agreed and...

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Back To Normal For TSB

TSB is planning to open branches from 9 am to 5 pm with effect from Monday, 29th June. Some branches will also open on Saturday from 9 am – 1 pm for appointments and self-service only. The two employer sponsored staff unions – Accord and Unite - are supporting the...

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